Healthy Digestion Choices

How To Balance Your Intestinal Tract Using Digestive Supplements Like Prebiotics

Constipation, occasional irregularities, persistent fatigue, skin problems and unexplained weight gain – sound familiar! Oh yes, who hasn’t experienced one or more of these annoying symptoms.

healthy digestion choices

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Although many of us would want to think that these symptoms are normal occurrences or lay the blame on stressful lifestyle or aging, the truth is that these problems may just occur as a result of unbalanced digestion.

Hence it makes sense to say that they all can be reversed simply by balancing your digestive system.

If your digestive system is out of order, there is the tendency for your entire body system to be thrown out of order too because your body would be unable to absorb the necessary nutrients from the food you eat and the dietary supplements you take. Your body can only be healthy and function well if it can absorb all the nutrients it needs for sustenance.

So it is really important that you balance your digestive system and boost the ability of your body to absorb the vital nutrients from foods and supplements.

So How Do You Restore Balance to Your Gut?

For several years now, we have been told that taking probiotics helps to boost digestion and improve digestive health. However, recent studies have shown that there is something that works even better than probiotics and it is called PREbiotics.

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Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that probiotics is not helpful in promoting good intestinal health, but the health benefits of prebiotics far outweigh those of probiotics.

The effectiveness of probiotics has been questioned in recent times because most of the good bacteria in these products actually do not make it to the small intestine where they are needed.

There is also the danger of overloading your system with millions of bacteria that your body does not need.

For starters, prebiotcs also called dietary fibers are naturally occurring, while probiotics are not – they are found in fermented foods like yogurt and kefir. In addition to boosting your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from the foods you consume, prebiotics also help to strengthen the immune system, boost cardiovascular health and may also help to prevent allergies.

Prebiotics have also been found to help balance the populations of the good and bad bacteria in the digestive tract. Hence taking prebiotic supplements helps to thwart the multiplication of the bad bacteria, which are also called pathogens, while at the same time boosting the growth of the good guys.

The Best Source of Prebiotics

Prebiotic fibers are found in several natural foods, but the best source of this important digestive aid is kiwi fruit. The skin of kiwi is choked full with powerful antioxidants that help to inhibit the reproduction of the unfriendly bacteria.

The pulp of kiwi also contains vital enzymes that have been proven to improve protein digestion. The prebiotic content of kiwi promotes the reproduction of the friendly bacteria and the fiber or roughage enhances healthy bowel movements and may help to lower the risks of many degenerative diseases.

Health Benefits of Kiwi: prebiotic fiber

  • Reduced constipation and regular bowel movements
  • Faster and more efficient absorption of nutrients
  • Increased immunity against colds, flu and allergies
  • Increased energy levels
  • Elimination of toxins and other waste materials from your body
  • Youthful skin that looks clearer, beautiful and flawless

It is important to note that the only way you can maximize these benefits is by eating up to  3 whole kiwi fruits a day – this means that you have to eat the skin and the pulp. That is quite a big problem because the majority of us would not find the skin of kiwi palatable.

Moreover eating kiwi every single day is not something a lot of people would like to do – kind of monotonous and boring isn’t it!

Another problem is, you also need to consume kiwi that is at the ideal state of ripeness because if it is harvested too early, the enzymes would not be effective enough and if it is too ripe, the enzymes would have lost their effectiveness.

So what is the solution to these problems?

The solution is quite simple, find a quality prebiotic supplement. After an extensive research I discovered a brand called Kiwi-Klenz manufactured by Xtendlife – a reputable Natural Supplements Company based in New Zealand.

Kiwi-Klenz is made from 100% kiwi fruit and contains only natural enzymes, soluble fibers, prebiotics and phenolics.

Although most of the other prebiotic products are promoted as natural, they most often contain toxic additives such as artificial colors, preservatives, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals that impact negatively on your body and health.

Xtendlife uses a unique manufacturing process called AquaPure®, to turn the whole kiwi fruit (including the skin) into a very effective digestive supplement that is served to the customer in capsule form. Even the capsule is made with vegetables, so kiwi klenz is also the ideal prebiotic supplement for vegetarians and vegans.

The fact that this product is manufactured in New Zealand is another PLUS. This is because New Zealand is very strict at enforcing health safety and environment- friendly manufacturing laws. Hence, if you buy Kiwi Klenz, you would be rest assured that the product you are taking is Safe and Effective.

In fact, daily consumption of just one capsule of Kiwi-Klenz can restore balance to your digestive tract, increase your energy levels, reduce your vulnerability to diseases and improve your general wellness.

However, you still need to do the right things, adopt healthy lifestyles that include eating healthy diets and exercising. This is really important because the holistic approach is still the best way to achieving and maintaining better health.

If you are looking for a natural, safe and effective digestive supplement, then Kiwi-Klenz should be your number one choice.  One more good news, this product is backed with a 6 month money back guarantee – talk about a risk free investment!